Our Products

We produce Dinnerware in a wide range of shapes and colours it includes unique items like mortar and pstes, fermentation pots, mmilk and oil bottles.

We offer custom made items in the form of specific shape designs art collaboration, the design of shapes and individual glaze colours as well as design collaborations with architects, artist and designers

We produce a variety of wall and floor tiles. We have unique facetted tiles in different of shapes. These are either glazed in one of our many glazes or can be tailor-made with clients’ designs in shape and printed designs. Our studio has taken on local government contracts which require us to incorporate our screen printing capabilities as well. Projects include MyCiti bus terminals for the City of Cape Town as well as ceramic plaques for the heritage foundation.

A variety of Interior/ Décor items  are also produced, from basins, vases, chandeliers, lampshades, candle holders and other items.


To place an order e-mail us or phone 021 510 2385