Product Type: Dinnerware

Full Glaze Palette

We combine our passion for classic design with rich South African influences to create unique glazes. Colours such as ‘Ostrich’, ‘Fynbos’, ‘Veld’, ‘Churchhaven’ and ‘Paternoster’ reflect inspiration from our local surroundings.

Earth Clay

As a contrast to smooth clay, the appeal of earth clay, is in its rougher composition, texture and finish. The product lends itself to a limited earthy glaze colour palette where the true nature of the clay is showcased.

Protea Range

Inspired by the surrounding Cape flora, these timeless protea designs are available in both a classic delft blue and a darker blue.

Yellow and Grey Koi

Our yellow and grey koi designs can be unembellished or finished with a black border trim.

Red Koi

The Koi range, especially the red range, remains one of our most popular.

Metallic Lustres

We import gold, platinum, bronze, and other metallic lustres which contain real metal. The gold lustre, for instance, contains 12% gold.