Our Process

We pride ourselves on individual handmade products created without undue mechanisation.

Clay production and slab rolling

Clay is manufactured from a recipe created with the input of industry experts. We are conducting clay strength and durability testing with input from the University of Cape Town’s chemical engineering department.

Finished clay is slab-rolled to an appropriate thickness and cut to shape with templates.

All offcut clay and rejects from bisque firing (unglazed pottery) are recycled.

Wheel throwing and mould-shaping

Items are hand crafted using either a wheel-throwing or a mould-shaping technique.


The almost-dry ceramics also known as leatherware, go through a fettling process where dampened sponges and blades smooth out any rough edges.


Our bespoke glazes are uniquely designed to fit and perfectly interact with our clay bodies during the expansion and contraction of the firing process. To ensure glaze consistency, the density is monitored using a hydrometer. We hand-dip our products to produce an even glaze coat.


Firing clay transforms it into a new substance: ceramic.
Once the clay is bone dry, ceramics undergo two firings of around 48 hours each to make it durable and non-porous.

During the first firing at a temperature of 1000 degrees centigrade – the bisque firing – the clay transforms into a durable, semi-vitrified porous state where it can be handled safely while being glazed and decorated.

The second firing – the glaze firing – occurs at a higher temperature of 1200 degrees centigrade, which fuses the ceramic and glaze particles into a solid, non-porous state to complete the vitrification process.

A third firing – the decal firing – may occur when specially designed images or metallic lustres are applied to the finished ceramics. These items are mostly fired at 780 degrees centigrade. Where metallic lustres are applied, the crockery undergoes a fourth firing cycle at a temperature of 780 degrees centigrade.

Printing & Transfers

The screen-printing unit produces high quality decals which are then expertly applied to the ceramics before the final firing.

We can either process a client-specific design or be commissioned to create a distinctive original design.

Our highly skilled printers are able print intricate artwork and employ up to a 12-colour separation process.

Printing services are available to other ceramists and artists.

Sanding, packing and distribution

Once completed, the base of each item is sanded to ensure a smooth surface to protect delicate surfaces. After final quality inspection, products are ready to be dispatched. Packaging is custom made to our designs and specifications to ensure maximum protection during local and international distribution.

The fully recyclable air pouches stay firm for at least three months to ensure safe export by air or sea.